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Download Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend Mod Apk with Unlimited Money & Gems. Unique Vertical RPG. Earn while you are away from the game. Start your adventure with just one click. Get this game from Legends Mod and shop everything.

Game Name Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend Apk
Release Date 24 June 2020
Updated On 27 April 2021
Version 1.0.5
Developer UnlockGame
Supported On 4.2 and up
Mode Offline
Size 45 MB
Category Role-Playing

Info of Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend Game for Android

Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend is a Unique vertical fantasy RPG based on a dark-themed fantasy world! Darkness is coming, it’s time to defend against the dark and to create your own legend, JOIN millions worldwide.

  • The role-playing game, featuring light strategic battle and interesting exploration.
  • Collect heroes to form the most powerful team! Deploy them to make the best use of heroes!
  • Earn massive rewards & enjoy the game with idle gameplay!
  • Auto-chess, Tower of Killing, and more innovative features will make you experience a brand-new idle RPG!
  • The last battle begins! This wonderful adventure is designed by summoning and combining heroes. No more grinding, there’s just idle battling style!

Non-Stop! Earn While You Rest, FREE YOUR HANDS

  1. Unique vertical MMORPG allows One-hand operation. Smooth control, quick feedback, and simple gameplay integrated to bring a fresh and relaxing experience. Non-stop auto-battle to level up quickly and get stronger!
  2. Earn massive rewards while resting through auto-battling. Free your hands!
  3. lots of AFK rewards.
  4. Vertical mobile game completed with simplicity, allowing you to play with only one hand.

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Start your Adventure to the Unknown

Experience thrilling battles & mysterious stories; recruit the bravest guards from over 500 maps.

Brand New Unique RPG With Strategic Gameplays

  • Thrilling fair real-time Autochess! It’s time to strategize!
  • Right choice matters in Fairyland of Fate. Think twice before you make decisions!

Multi-Races/Heroes All at your Service

  • Collect over 200 heroes to build your ace team.
  • Activate more heroes when you reach a certain level, double and triple your power. Free class change and much more funs for you to explore!

Hunt Bosses for Rich Loots

  • The High drop rate of killing bosses in the dark world. Kill abundant bosses to earn the rich loots which make you soar.
  • Defeat Boss will grant you a chance to get the ultimate gear. Seize your chance!

Massive PvP, Fight for Glory

  • Join a guild and participate in the guild wars along with your guildmates. Compete in Guild War. Who will dominate the land?
  • Enjoy the excitement in massive PVP. & Real-time social system enables you to team up with others and be assisted by Mr. Big!

Powerful & Customized Appearance

Abundant mounts & fashion attires will make you stand out from the ordinary. Choose as you will.

Strategically Deploy Your Team with 6 Different Factions & Tons of Heroes

  • Choose wisely to form your own team from hundreds of heroes of 4 different classes in 6 different factions with specific skills.
  • Your victory is not only based on your BP but also on the bonds of heroes, the matchups, the skills, and the formation! BP doesn’t mean everything here, and if you wanna win, maybe you just need to optimize your formation!

Tons Of Free Giveways

  • Get 5-star heroes and claim 29.99 USD worth of bonus from 7-day logins.
  • High summoning odds to get powerful 5-star heroes! Jones, Regina, and other ultra heroes are so easy to recruit!

Download Brave Dungeon Mod Apk v1.0.5 With Unlimited Money and Gems 2021

You will get the following things. You need to play for 5 to 10 minutes. After that keep your mobile away for 1 hour and receive various rewards for free.

  1. Infinite Coins: This is a common item to use in this game. Upgrade your heroes using coins and make them powerful.
  2. Unlimited Gems: Use Diamonds to buy VIP Privilege and get exciting Sword, Armor, Boots. Exchange gems for Summon Voucher, Chronos Deed, Coins, Advance Stone. Use it wisely because it is so valuable.
  3. Free Summon: You may Summon The best hero by Basic/Heroic/Friendship summoning. Those heroes will be top-rated and ready to kill every enemy.