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Download Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight Premium Offline Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold, Gems, and Everything. Fight greatest battles against evils in this offline RPG action game. Install this Premium app from Legends Mod to enjoy Free Shopping.

Game Name Stickman Legends-Shadow Fight Premium Offline Game Apk
Release Date 10 May 2017
Updated On 28 April 2022
Version 2.7.8
Developer ZITGA
Supported On 5.0 and up
Mode Offline
Size 128 MB
Category Action

Info of Stickman Legends-Shadow Fight Premium Offline Game for Android

Do you know what interesting things are waiting for you in this Premium? Hurry up and get the most stunning costumes for free to equip your unique stickman hero. It’s your turn now to be the Stickman Legend!

Stickman Legends: Shadow War is definitely an excellent offline game of stickman fighting game series, a classic mix of Role-playing game (RPG) and Player vs. Player (PvP).
No more concerns about the internet, now you can enjoy stickman fighting style every time you have and everywhere you are with full action stickman games experiences.

In each fighting game, you’ll play the role of a ninja warrior facing countless enemies and showing the spirit of a stick fight hero.
Crush the zombies! Beat them all!

As a stickman hero in a cool stickman game, do you have the drive, courage & passion for conquering the shadow war and master shadow fight in this addictive Stickman Legends game?!

Key Features

  1. Various stick fight heroes to collect: Shido the Lion-Heart Swordsman, Bernald the Mighty Dungeon Guardian, Ignite the Fierce Gunner, Mistral the Elite Archery, Raven the Powerful Mage, Hason the Shadow Warmaniac.
  2. Enjoy utilizing the multiple upgrades and ultimate items. Lead your stickman hero to the top by battling a smart & skillful way in the Shadow War.
  3. Challenge yourself to survive in challenge modes with endless waves of undead enemies.
  4. Enter the Arena, show off anything you have trained then wipe out the opponent at a glance in each battle of shadow fight.
  5. There are rankings to make the game more interesting and entertaining. Make friends all over the world and compete with your stickman heroes with your friends.

‘Stickman Legends’ is an unforgettable fighting game experience, a great choice in the series of stickman games and ninja warrior games. Are you ready to be a super stick hero legend?
Download Stickman Legends: Shadow War and share your funny moment in this popular action game with friends now!

stickman legends shadow war mod apk

Rebirth – Power at your hand

When the level of character and level of equipment reached max, you can get a rebirth for your character and, more powerful, God’s blessing:

  1. The level of character and equipment will be reset from 500 to 1.
  2. The skill tree will be reset, and you must learn and re-up from the start,
  3. Everything will not be reset except the level of character, equipment, and skill tree.

Note: Be careful with rebirth; if you don’t have enough resources to rebuild your character, then you might be even weaker than before.

Upgradeable Skills – Power to your hand

There are a lot of ways to upgrade the power of your character. Skill is one of them. Here belongs a lot of option to do it. You can upgrade all skills to Level 1 – Level 10. Let’s the skill details.

  1. Attack: Increase your attack damage by +20% on each upgrade.
  2. Sword Quake: The warrior will disappear then fall from the sky, create a large earthquake that deals serious damage to all monsters in the area.
  3. Gold & EXP Gain: Give you more gold when killing monsters.
  4. Rolling Blade: Rolling at high speed and use the sword to attack nearby enemies.
  5. Slash Hit: Moving with sonic speed and attack all enemies on the ground.
  6. Health: Increase health off character HP +20%.
  7. Defend: Increase defense of character Def +20%.
  8. Life Steal: Give you the chance to heal from a basic attack.
  9. Magic Armor: Give you a chance to heal when receiving damage from enemy 10% chance.
  10. Summon Fire Dragon: Summon a fire dragon to help you Deal +1500 damage.
  11. Ice Dragon’s breath: Sumon, an ice dragon, fly over and deal massive damage to all enemies.
  12. Magic Damage: Increase skill damage base on physical damage.
  13. Attack & Move Speed: Increase your attack & move speed.
  14. Spike Armor: Gives the hero a chance to inflict damage back to attackers.
  15. Boost Bonus: Increase effects from the potions drop in-game and power-up.
  16. Desolator: Give character the ability to deal pure damage (not affected by armor).
  17. Critical Rate: Increase your critical rate.
  18. God of Destruction: Summon the guardian with separate stats; those stats will be doubled when the remaining time is less than two seconds.


Download Stickman Legends Mod Apk v2.7.8 With Unlimited Gold & Gems 2022

Since this premium game many ways to customize your characters and equip a lot of items, you need infinite resources to acquire them all. If you don’t want to buy them all, use the mod apk to get Free Shopping.

  1. Infinite Gold,
  2. Unlimited Gems,
  3. Endless Skip,
  4. Infinite Stamina.
  5. Premium Membership: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Luxury, Supreme, Big Boss Membership unlocked.

Note: To get everything free, turn on the internet connection, open the game, and Shop free.