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Download PoseIt Mod Apk latest version unlocked all poses and prop. Improve and facilitate the human figure drawing with this digital mannequin. Get it for your Android from Legends Mod to access all items free.

App Name PoseIt Apk
Release Date 18 June 2020
Updated On 29 March 2022
Version 2.0.2
Developer 1ManBand
Supported On 4.4 and up
Mode Online
Size 82 MB
Category Art & Design

Info of PoseIt App for Android

I like to think about this app as a natural evolution of the traditional drawing mannequin. I designed it to have minimal details and just some hints of anatomy, so it generalizes well with any character I want to draw. The screen space rotation method and other automatic features make your posing process faster and dynamic. After the latest updates, it even supports Inverse Kinematic functions, has the female mannequin and props gallery.

Pose it and view it just how you need it to strengthen and improve your human figure drawing skills.

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poseit mod apk unlocked

How to use Poselt – Guide for Beginners

Tap on a body part to select it, tap on a space to deselect or close open menus. If nothing is selected, you will perform your tweaks on the camera. It has two signs for two tasks. One means that body parts can only be rotated. Another means that this body part can be rotated and tanslated.

Drag with one finger to rotate the selected body part. All the tweaks happen relative to your viewpoint. Once something is selected, you can perform your tweaks anywhere on the screen. In this case, for example, you don’t need to start dragging from the head.

Rotate with two fingers to twist along the view direction. Set the camera rotation as free to do the same with the whole scene.

The gizmo with little arrows means that the body part can be translated using the 2 fingers drag gesture.

You can lock the orientation of all body parts and pin in position hands and feet.

Edit light intensity and direction with the usual interaction system; you can toggle the second light to edit instead.

Toggle between a free-to-rotate camera and an up straight one. Edit camera focal length and lock body part orientation if you need.

Download PoseIt Mod Apk v2.0.2 Unlocked All Poses 2022